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The « FIRE » company

Protection system against outdoor fires

STME FIRE, a fixed outdoor fire fighting device

Considering the multi technicity (project management, electricity, automatism, hydraulic, piping, electro technical) of the study teams and ground teams of STME, for over 15 years we have chosen to invest in the development of fire fighting systems, previously named and patented SPACI. Our innovation consists in improving the SPACI system with the FIRE system.

The markets we have obtained with ESCOTA have allowed us to reinforce our knowledge in fire barriers and forest fire fighting. In 4 years we have put in place 10 sites (the SPACI system) and we always ensure the preventative and corrective maintenance in order to keep the outside fire protection optimal.

Now we offer a fixed system against forest fires which has evolved and been patented (FIRE). This increases the power of protection of treated zones in collaboration with the main actors in the fight against forest fires. This fixed fire fighting device applies to many cases, namely for forest fire protection in the close proximity of camping areas, schools and private villas in wooded areas.

Currently we continue the research for improvements in order to have a maximal level of protection and to guarantee in all peace of mind the well being of people living or working in areas of forest fire risk.

Products and services

The FIRE system is conceived to protect and retard the arrival of a fire, mainly in the case of forest fires and fires in wooded areas.
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Customer cases

The outside fire protection equipment that we offer will allow you to protect your property and the people
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You wish to protect a risk area against fires thanks to our FIRE system? Ask for a quote online.
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Discover our FIRE system. Installation of sprinklers against fires and fire aspersion.

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Who are we

The “Frein d’Incendie avec Retardant pour l’Exérieur”, is a protection system against fires in outdoor areas in the PACA and Landes regions.

The fixed fire fighting device creates a fire barrier with the projection of water and retardant.


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The STME company

Specialized in HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) and electricals. Situated in the Alpes-Maritimes region, STME created FIRE, fire fighting device in outdoor areas. Visit the official STME website and the STME Provence website.