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Fixed forest fire protection system for buildings

Fire protection, camping sites, schools, villas, companies,…

The outside fire protection equipment that we offer will allow you to protect your property and the people who can be in close proximity to the forest with a high risk of fire.

The people potentially interested in this type of fire prevention device are numerous and the fields of activity very divers. For 5 years STME has met and exchanged with numerous prospects to target people’s expectations as well as possible.

Hereafter a list (not limited) of potential targets for our fixed fire fighting device:

  • Public establishments under a fire risk (schools, high schools, holiday camps, sports complex …)
  • Buildings receiving the public or workers under a fire risk (activity zones, industrial zones, commercial centers, restaurants, theaters, hotels, camping sites, hospitals, places of worship …)
  • Private establishments presenting a surrounding fire risk (landfills, warehouses …)
  • Sensitive areas presenting accessibility difficulties for firemen (military bases)
  • Natural protected sites or touristic sites (national parks…)

Our FIRE system adapts to:

Highway Lay-bys:

The highway lay-bys in the PACA and Landes regions to protect users when a fire is progressing and prevent the spreading of a fire from the lay-by due to the malevolence of a user.

The technical areas and water supplies are integrated into the landscape and the pipes are buried. The whole process is driven by a technical management system with an information report and remote control. The fire protection process has a 48hr autonomy in case of a power cut.
Camping sites:

A campsite in the forest exposed to the risk of forest fires such as the 83, 06 and Landes regions.

There are several possibilities. We can create a barrier which will protect the buildings and will allow to place clients in a secure area, or create a full barrier which will circle the campsite and the areas to protect. In the case of forest campsites, the water supply can be used if there is a pool with a sufficient volume of water.
Companies or warehouses:
Companies and warehouse in wooded areas, the FIRE system protects the buildings against fires and allows to guarantee an optimal protection against forest fires.
Public and establishments:
FIRE proposes to these establishments who receive public and workers, in a fire risk area (activity areas, industrial zones, malls, restaurants, theaters, campsite, hotels, hospitals, places of worship, inhabitations…) an efficient system of fire protection. Auto protection fire systems for natural parks or wooded areas.
Schools in wooded areas:
For a school on the edge of a wooded area, our retardant projection system is the ideal protection to fight against the propagation of fire and prevent irreversible damages on the buildings exposed in risk areas.
FIRE acts as a fire barrier for the protection of private houses which are isolated in wooded areas. With the fire fighting device your house is protected and preserved against fire.
For a site in a risk zone and that we can protect with the projection of retardant, for example a surveillance post, a radio relay and hydraulic station.


Considering the multi technicity of the study teams and ground teams of STME, for over 15 years we have chosen to invest…
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The FIRE system is conceived to protect and retard the arrival of a fire, mainly in the case of forest fires and fires in wooded areas.
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You wish to protect a risk area against fires thanks to our FIRE system? Ask for a quote online.
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Discover our FIRE system. Installation of sprinklers against fires and fire aspersion.

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The “Frein d’Incendie avec Retardant pour l’Exérieur”, is a protection system against fires in outdoor areas in the PACA and Landes regions.

The fixed fire fighting device creates a fire barrier with the projection of water and retardant.


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The STME company

Specialized in HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) and electricals. Situated in the Alpes-Maritimes region, STME created FIRE, fire fighting device in outdoor areas. Visit the official STME website and the STME Provence website.