• The fire stops where our action strarts

  • Fire retardant for outdoor areas

    STME proposes an auto protection system against fires in outdoor areas. This device slows and breaks the propagation of fire with a water projection system and retardant. Since 2012 STME installs devices (SPACI* type) and already registers over 20 sites in service (created and renovated), in the PACA region, and Monaco. (*Patent belonging to the ESCOTA Company)

  • Fire protection and prevention in the PACA region:

    Fixed fire auto protection against forest fires in the PACA region and in the Landes. Fire brake with outdoor retardant projection.

  • Customizable fire fighting system:

    Customizable fire fighting system, the FIRE adapts to the client’s structure, public establishments, industrial zones, schools, camp sites, firms, hotels, and warehouses

  • SPACI* becomes FIRE, patented system:

    The patented system FIRE is an improvement of the SPACI* system, Protection system against fire in outdoor areas. (*Patent belonging to the ESCOTA Company)

  • Online quote:

    Fill in our online quote form for any information on the FIRE device.

FIRE, protection system against fires and forest fires

The fire stops where our action starts
Discover our fire barrier

Barrière incendie PACA et Les Landes

Why choose FIRE

Prevent fire risk:

  • Fire break system for outdoor surfaces

  • Protection against fires whilst waiting for assistance

  • Approach the fire risk serenely

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Preserve the natural environment:

  • No risk for the Fauna and Flora

  • Environment preservation system

  • Total integration into the site’s landscape

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Management from your computer or on site

  • Surveillance program

  • Live sends of anomalies by text message or e-mail

  • Remote management of the control panel

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  • System equipped with industrial peripherals

  • Heavy-duty equipment to reduce breakdown risk

  • Low water consumption – constant surveillance of the water network

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Fast and efficient installations

  • Installation in two months

  • Projection and protection of up to 3000 m²

  • Adapts to the area to protect

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Sustainable industrial system

  • The most efficient fixed fire fighting system to this day

  • Efficient protection for several days

  • FIRE preventatively combats the arrival of a fire

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Who are we

The “Frein d’Incendie avec Retardant pour l’Exérieur”, is a protection system against fires in outdoor areas in the PACA and Landes regions.

The fixed fire fighting device creates a fire barrier with the projection of water and retardant.


Address: STME
22 avenue Joseph Honoré Isnard
06130 GRASSE

Tel: 04 93 60 33 04

Fax: 04 93 60 07 10

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The STME company

Specialized in HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) and electricals. Situated in the Alpes-Maritimes region, STME created FIRE, fire fighting device in outdoor areas. Visit the official STME website and the STME Provence website.